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Blank Metal Tags

Welcome to the Metal Tag blank metal tag information page. We are the premier provider, MANUFACTURER of quality, autofeed blank metal tags. Our goal is to provide the very best in blank metal tags. Our quality control standards are high, our engineering, manufacturing and marketing staff are among the best in the business. Our goal is to always deliver autofeed quality tags at wholesale. Our tags are guaranteed to autofeed through your autofeed embossing, stamping, indenting or marking machines, increasing your throughput production. We want you, our valued customer, to be happy.


Our products and services are of American origin.

PLEASE CALL 800-256-3400 OR 409-838-1158

Here is a SHORT list of our capabilities.

Blank Metal Tags

We manufacture and stock over 1.6 million tags. We have approximately 50 sizes and metals to choose from.

Please call 800-256-3400 of 409-838-1158 with the size, quantity and metal you are looking for.

We will custom manufacture and warehouse your tag size if we do not currently stock it (in sufficient quantity, based on yearly needs).

CALL 800-256-3400 or 409-838-1158

We offer a wide variety of reliable, high quality metal tag marking systems from the industry leaders. Whether you are embossing, indenting, or dot peen marking metal tags and plates, we have a solution available for you.